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Please use the form below to start an inquiry on pricing for your digital art. Once your request has been processed, I will reach out to you and get the reference photos and will have a quote on pricing within 24-48 hours of receiving the image(s).

Digital art of couple on wedding day

titty cat tees digital art pricing request

paige shafer

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch shortly!

Base Pricing

These are STARTING points for prices, a more accurate price quote will be given over email after seeing the reference image.

1-2 People or Pets


3-4 People or Pets


​5+ People or Pets


These prices include DIGITAL DOWNLOADS ONLY. You will NOT receive a physical file unless added on.

Add On Pricing

5x7 Metal Print


8x10 Metal Print


Custom 15 oz Mug


These prices DO NOT include the price of the artwork, please Base Pricing see above for reference, and submit request via the submission form above.

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